Hospitals/Integrated Delivery Networks

OnTrack seeks to build long-term partnerships with health systems that are committed to fostering better outcomes at a lower cost because it is in the best interest of the patient, and not simply because they are adapting to changing reimbursement models. We believe providers that pursue better patient outcomes through the efficient use of resources will build the future of healthcare.

While hospital executives must be prudent as they manage “life in the gap” during the transition from volume to value-based care, those systems that streamline current processes to drive out waste and invest those savings in improving clinical outcomes will thrive under the new environment of healthcare reform.

“OnTrack delivers on the Triple Aim”

Jamie Pelzel MD, FACC Medical Director, Heart Failure Management Program, CentraCare Health System, St. Cloud, MN

Home Health

OnTrack can position your home health agency to succeed as healthcare reform continues to unfold.

Home health agencies that take a proactive approach in transitioning to a pay for value reimbursement system will be the winners in the long run. Patients stay connected with home health nurses between visits so nurses can prioritize the needs and resources necessary to achieve optimal outcomes for the patient between visits, leading to a reduction in avoidable readmissions.

Providing the right level of service by the right provider to the right patient at the right time pays dividends not only under current reimbursement models, but also supports better clinical outcomes for patients at a lower overall cost.

Accountable Care Organizations

With the number of ACOs growing from a few dozen at the end of 2010 to more than 500 as of January 2014, much has been tried and learned by the pioneers of this new model. Many ACOs are now in a position to leverage this experience by implementing OnTrack. As the number of risk-based contracts rises, the value proposition for OnTrack increases as the link between reducing cost is more directly linked to financial performance.

“The ACO shall define processes to promote evidence-based medicine and patient engagement, report on quality and cost measures, and coordinate care, such as through the use of telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and other such enabling technologies.”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Health Plans

OnTrack is a natural fit for health plans interested in reducing the cost of caring for its highest-risk members. While not all patients can be expected to act in their own self-interest, given the right tools, patients can surprise even the most jaded clinicians and healthcare executives.

By making the right thing to do the easy thing to do, OnTrack accelerates the speed at which patients with chronic illnesses achieve self-management and adopt healthy behaviors. As a cloud based system, patient medication adherence and vital signs are streamed to clinicians in real-time and to any location so the data is actionable and interventions can take place in time to prevent avoidable readmissions.

Research Institutions

OnTrack is interested in working with leading academic and other research institutions that are pursing innovation in the areas of patient engagement and patient activation. OnTrack was built on the radical idea that we actually can change human behavior. While it is not uncommon to hear sweeping generalizations of what patients will or will not do regarding medical regimen adherence or utilization of technology by certain age groups, these statements are generally unfounded in data.

OnTrack delivers on the Triple Aim, and if we are not part of a solution that is lowering costs, improving outcomes, and improving the patient experience, then we do not feel we deserve to be in business. For this reason we are currently working with research institutions to continue the innovation process as well as put our solution to the test under the most stringent of control conditions.

Clinical Trials

Increase Data Accuracy, Reduce Staff Burden & Improve Communication between Research Staff and Clinicians. OnTrack To Health can help you accurately gather real-time data from patients to include adherence to medication or therapies, efficacy, and side effects. More than 80% of the population already use a “smart” phone or tablet which makes it easy to deploy the OnTrack program to your study population. Participants download the app and can immediately begin entering pre-defined data at intervals that you determine.

Engaging participants in the study process can improve efficiencies for the clinicians monitoring these patients. Patients provide self-reported data in a format that could be integrated with your data management program and presented in the health system’s EHR. Allowing utilization by both researchers and clinicians.