AAHFN Annual Conference

Abbott and OnTrack to host Focus Group at the 13th Annual AAHFN Conference in Orlando

  • Where: The Swan/Dolphin Hotel IBIS Room
  • When: Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 5:15 to 7:15

This year’s session will focus on effective management of CardioMEMS™ patients with an emphasis on patient engagement and data integration with your electronic health record. (EHR). Abbott and OnTrack to Health are partnering to develop an integration model whereby making CardioMEMS™ data available in the managing clinic’s EHR.

This session will focus on all aspects of managing the CardioMEMS™ patient. We will present a “typical” EHR workflow for CardioMEMS patients and seek input from the focus group attendees as to how their programs are similar or different from the example provided. We are interested in seeing what kind of differences exist based on your EHR vendor (Epic, Cerner, etc.) For example, are you working with your IT team to develop flowsheets for Epic? Have you envisioned ways to improve efficiencies or have had ideas to better share data from the Merlin system with other providers?

We are looking for input on the challenges and successes our customers are experiencing related to making PA pressure data as actionable as possible and visible to all providers who would benefit from access to this data. And most importantly, how do we best effect change with our patients so the right intervention takes place with the right patients at the right time- – with the patient at the center of that action?


  1. Review a “typical” EHR workflow of CardioMEMS™ data.
  2. Seek input from focus group members on suggestions and “boots on the ground” experience.
  3. Identify challenges our clients are facing and brainstorm solutions.
  4. Discuss use of the EHR regarding CardioMEMS™ data and how it is or is not integrated and made as “actionable” as possible in your Heart Failure program.

For information on participating, please contact Ron Luetmer at 320-424-0771 or ronl@ontrack2health.com

AAHFN Conference Website: http://www.aahfn.org/mpage/am2017overview